Are Crowns Right for My Dental Problems?
By Florence Dental Arts
February 20, 2020
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Dental crowns are caps or coverings that are bonded over existing teeth to make them work, feel, and look like natural teeth. Essentially, crowns are made up of two components, the crown, and the root. The root component sits below your gumline, while the actual crown is placed above your gumline. But how can you know if you require a dental crown? An examination by our family dentist, Dr. Thomas Cherry, Jr. here at our practice, Florence Dental Arts in Florence, SC, is your best bet. In the meantime, you may be eligible for a dental crown if you are experiencing one or more of the following.

Excessive Wear and Tear

Some people have excessively worn teeth because of teeth grinding or bruxism, acid reflux, an extremely acidic diet, or bulimia. Over time and left unaddressed, these could cause their bite to collapse. In these cases, dentists can utilize dental crowns for restoring their worn teeth to their usual size.

Broken Cusps

The cusps are the teeth’s pointed parts, which are used to tear food. Cusps could wear and break off for various reasons and when this happens, a dental crown can restore the affected tooth’s function.

Huge Filling

When dentists perform a filling, they get rid of the tooth’s decayed portion, clean it thoroughly, and fill in the cavity. But if your filling is big, the tooth’s remaining structure may be too weak and susceptible to fractures. If this is the case for you, your family dentist in Florence, SC, may utilize a dental crown to safeguard your tooth from cracks and stress.

A Root Canal

During root canal therapy, the tooth will be cleaned and hollowed-out to ensure the infection’s removal. Consequently, the structural integrity of the remaining tooth will also be weakened. A crown will help strengthen the tooth and protect it from potential complications.

Cosmetic Dental Flaws

Lots of people who request crowns are usually looking to change how their teeth look. Dental crowns can be utilized for modifying the color and/or shape of the teeth and even conceal spaces between teeth.

Dental Implants

When people get implants, they will initially have gaps inside their mouths from lost teeth. Crowns are used on top of the implants to replace the actual tooth while implants replace the lost teeth roots.

It’s also extremely crucial to point out that your dentist might be able to see dental issues that you’re not aware of. This means that there might be underlying issues that a crown could address even if you don’t see them or feel anything wrong. This is why regular dental checkups are very vital, so you can address issues before they become more complex and costlier to treat.

Think You’re a Good Fit for Dental Crowns?

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