How Dental Implants Can Help Your Smile
By Florence Dental Arts
June 16, 2021
Category: Oral Health
Tags: dental implants  

Smiling could help you feel positive emotions, but you might not be smiling as often as you should if you have dental problems. Your implant dentist in Florence, SC, Dr. Thomas Cherry, of Florence Dental Arts can fix that for you.

Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is nothing new to Americans. The American College of Prosthodontists put the number of Americans missing at least one tooth at 178 million.

An incomplete smile might not be aesthetically pleasing, forcing you to remain close-lipped.

Not to worry, your Florence, SC, implant dentist, Dr. Cherry has got you covered. Dental implants can make you almost forget you ever lost your teeth.

They look natural and function just like your natural teeth so that you don't have to hide your smile anymore.

Protect Your Oral Health

The gaps in your teeth from tooth loss might not present any problems right now but they could in the long run.

Cleaning your teeth properly can be tedious and it's not unusual for food and debris to get stuck in the gaps in your teeth.

Bacteria breeding in these gaps could cause tooth decay and gum problems if left unattended.

Furthermore, your remaining natural teeth could shift into the spaces hence your teeth could become misaligned, therefore, affecting their function.

Your implant dentist in Florence, SC, Dr. Cherry could fill in the spaces left behind by your lost tooth to protect your oral health and preserve your teeth alignment.

Preserve Your Face Shape

Losing teeth can affect how your entire face looks. Your natural teeth are responsible for stimulating your jaw bone to maintain its density.

Loss of your teeth robs your jaw of that much-needed stimulation causing bone density loss. You could begin to experience facial changes such as sagging and sunken cheeks that could make you look older.

Dental implants fit into your jaw bone so that it remains stimulated, therefore preserving its density and your face shape.

Fixing your teeth with your implant dentist in Florence, SC, Dr. Cherry, could help you smile more. Call (843) 665-6200 to schedule your consultation at Florence Dental Arts today.