Struggling with Tooth Loss? We Can Help
By Florence Dental Arts
December 02, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you struggle with missing teeth, your implant dentist at Florence Dental Arts in Florence, SC, definitely can solve your problem. Dr. /toothThomas Cherry, Jr. and his team have helped scores of people experience the benefits of renewed smiles with innovative tooth replacement solutions customized to their specific needs.

Tooth loss impacts so much

When you lose a tooth, you lose oral function, clear speech, tooth position, bone and gum tissue, and self-confidence. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says tooth replacement improves well-being and your oral health for the rest of your life.

As such, your implant dentist in Florence, SC, offers a wide variety of tooth replacement options designed to reclaim your smile function and aesthetics. Your in-office evaluation includes a complete examination, X-rays, impressions and a friendly discussion of possibilities, preferences, costs, and timeline. From there, you'll start a treatment plan which will give you back your smile!

Available tooth replacements

All of the tooth replacements designed by Dr. Cherry are crafted from the finest materials using the latest diagnostic and fabrication techniques. Here are some possible options for you to consider:

  1. Fixed bridgework This permanent, non-removable appliance consists of one or more artificial teeth (also called pontics). They are held in place with porcelain crowns attached to neighboring teeth on opposite sides of the smile gap. These abutment teeth must be reduced in size to accommodate the crowns. Dr. Cherry uses a strong bonding cement to place the appliance and carefully adjusts its bite with the opposite arch of teeth. Usually, fixed bridgework lasts ten years or longer.
  2. Partial dentures These removable appliances consist of tooth- and gum-colored acrylic attached to a metal frame. Clasps hold the pontic teeth in place. Partials replace one or more teeth and a decade or more.
  3. Full dentures These prosthetics replace the complete top and bottom arches as needed. You may wear them right away after extraction (immediate dentures) or after healing (conventional dentures).
  4. Dental implants Small screws or cylinders placed into the jaw bone, implants support single artificial teeth, bridges or even full dentures. Because they are made from titanium, the jaw bone bonds right to the implants, improving bone health and optimizing oral function. With diligent oral hygiene habits, dental implants stay healthy and functioning for decades.


Have a great smile again

You can by contacting your implant dentist at Florence Dental Arts. Call our office in Florence, SC, today for an informative consultation at (843) 665-6200.